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Is Co-Living the New Trend?

Is co-living the new trend? After the loneliness of self-isolating, whether that’s been alone or living with family members, many are now craving more community, and co-living spaces are providing just that.

Co-living, as it’s known, is a shared housing model that accommodates three or more people who are unrelated to each other and who share communal spaces. Thus, creating a community living experience.

Co-housing started in Scandinavian counties in the 1960s. We are essentially taking ourselves back to the times when we lived in villages and smaller communities. We’re creating pocket communities in urban spaces in rather large and impressive developments.

With many priced out of the housing market, renting is the more affordable and flexible option for the new generations. Co-living is a way to get top quality accommodation and amenities whilst having access to a community of like-minded people.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are social animals and crave human connection and stimulation through interaction.

Co-living spaces provide convenience and allow for a flexible way of living which is especially appealing to those just stepping onto the career ladder and may need to relocate for more opportunities as their career develops. If also travelling to other countries, the co-living lifestyle can enable people to make connections and form a support network very quickly.

Co-living can be safer.

Co-living spaces have 24/7 support from their letting agents, providing, providing peace of mind for residents. Because there is a community feel despite having your own private space to call home, there is always someone around to talk to or spend time with. That can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, which young adults can often experience. Co-living makes people feel safer just by having others around.

Everything with one payment

Co-living developments charge a flat rent fee every month and include running costs. So, the living expenses like utility bills, council tax and WiFi most people have to worry about are not even a thought for those enjoying the co-living community lifestyle. While this isn’t stress-free living, it is a stress-less lifestyle.

These types of shared living developments are on the increase because they provide affordable living spaces, but with all the amenities you would expect from a more lavish lifestyle. What’s on offer depends on your budget and the location of your chosen co-living development.

No longer lonely

When you look at how to combat loneliness, one of the first tips is to make new connections and interact with others. Co-living is an appealing lifestyle because it provides a ready-made community and network of support for those who want it and need it. Engaging is optional but having that option beats sitting in a block of flats surrounded by nothing more than more flats and no one to talk to.

Is co-living the new trend?

Co-living is far from a trend. With new developments getting the green light in many cities across the UK and more co-living spaces popping up worldwide, this is just the start of this way of communal living.

Is co-living the new trend?